Thursday, 10 November 2011

Why write a maths book?

As a teacher I had been asked countless times if there was a book I could recommend to help parents help their children with maths. There just wasn’t one - so I thought it would be a really good idea to write one. But the catalyst which pushed me to put pen to paper was an article ridiculing David Beckham for not being able to help his 6 year old son. A little harsh I thought as there are lots of parents who do not feel confident helping their children with maths: Even very numerate parents can be unsure of the ‘new’ way of doing things.  So HOW TO DO MATHS SO YOUR CHILDREN CAN TOO is for anyone who wants to help children with maths: parents, teachers, teaching assistants and student teachers; for those who feel numerically confident and for those who don’t. HOW TO DO MATHS SO YOUR CHILDREN CAN TOO explains things simply and clearly -  highlighting new methods, terminology and teaching methods. It is packed full of helpful advice and examples: Everything from mastering ‘number bonds’ and ‘number lines’ to dividing by ‘chunking’, ‘partitioning’ with confidence and using the ‘grid method’ to multiply. In fact many primary teachers are already finding the book to be an accessible and essential resource.


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